LABORATORIES LAMONS SA obtains FAMI-QS Food Certificate number FAM-1351.

Fri, 05/24/2019 - 11:17

LABORATORIES LAMONS SA obtains FAMI-QS Food Certificate number FAM-1351.

Bureau Veritas certificates that LAMONS SA – Laboratories Lamons SA, complies with FAMI-QS guidelines for Fabrication of Premixtures, Specialty Complementary Feed and Specialty Complementary Dietetic Feed for animal nutrition.

  • FAMI-QS Certification certifies that LAMONS has implemented and maintains a Feed Safety Management System including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in compliance with FAMI-QS Code.

The European Union has developed many food standards in order to protect consumer health. In the last few years, regulations in the EU have become more complex, due to the fact that many of the crises in food safety have been associated with animal feed.

In order to guarantee the compliance with these laws and to improve the safety and quality of feed, the European Association of Feed additive Manufacture published a Code that can be certificated; FAMI-QS specifically focused on the ingredients of specific foods and their mixtures. It is also the primary community Guide for Good Practices to obtain the Formal Recognition of the European Commission as established in the Regulation on hygiene in feedstuffs.

FAMI-QS guarantees the safety, legal compliance and quality of animal feed based on the European Regulation on Animal Feed and improves the safety and quality of feed.

Therefore, we guarantee that the LAMONS products have been manufactured in compliance with all the requirements for good manufacturing practices and that we only use ingredients authorized by the European legislation in order to face new challenges and problems, caused mostly by the globalization of the markets in terms of the origin of the ingredients used in the formulations as a trust mark for our customer.

With the FAMI-QS Certification, LAMONS has taken a step further in the legal compliance of food safety in order to guarantee access to innocuous food.

The WHO indicates that 75% of the new infectious diseases detected in humans in the last 10 years were related to “bacteria, virus and other pathogens derived from animals and products of animal origin”.

For more details regarding the certifications for LABORATORIES LAMONS SA, access the FAMI-QS official website:

FAMI-QS Certificate