Lamons establishes strategic alliances and long-term collaboration agreements of varying natures in the field of animal health and nutrition in the demanding and complex global veterinary market.
Partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, for animal health and nutrition and biotechnology, which have relevant positioning in their field of action.
We want to maximize the commercial potential of the products developed and licensed by Lamons.

Our R & D, regulatory and commercial capabilities allow us to cover different aspects: development, manufacturing, registration and commercialization.

Lamons SA actively contributes to the achievement of objectives with equitable agreements that meet the expectations and needs of the parties involved.

Areas of Collaboration:

  • Commercial partnerships focusing our interests on companies from all over the world that specialize in animal production, are interested in Lamons’ innovative products, and have the technical capacity for the registration/licensing of products before health authorities.
  • Alliances for the transference of product technology with veterinary pharmaceutical companies and animal livestock and health; interest in increasing their portfolio with innovative processes and products developed by Lamons.
  • Alliances for the manufacture of veterinary pharmaceutical products and for animal health and production.
  • Agreements that expand our portfolio with innovative veterinary pharmaceutical products and contribute to animal health and nutrition.
  • Alliances with strategic partners worldwide to jointly lead R & D projects.

What we offer:

  • Flexibility and speed in decision-making.
  • Corporate commitment to each of our projects.
  • Experience in the licensing/registration of national products and in external regulatory agencies.
  • Specific knowledge of the Spanish market.
  • A strong national distribution network.
  • Key positioning in markets.
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