FORTE Lamons

Dietary supplement especially suitable in intensive breeding, in order to maintain reproductive index and  muscle-skeletal strength of the animal body.

propiedades Properties

FORTE Lamons is a feed supplement  specially indicated in all animal specie whenever additional energy is needed to support growth and reproduction and strengthen the musculoskeletal system, preventing the harmful effects of exhaustion and stress due to increased activity in the animal.


Ingredients: Wheatgerm 150.000 mg.; Dicalcium phosphate 150.000 mg.; Magnesium oxide 70.000 mg.; Sodium chloride 50.000 mg.; Refined vegetable oil 50.000 mg.; Milk flower 10.000 mg; Additives added: Vitamins: Vitamin A 250.000.000 IU.; Vitamin D3 50.000.000 IU.; Vitamin E 2.500 mg.; Vitamin B1 175 mg.; Vitamin B2 275 mg.; Vitamin B6 125 mg.; Vitamin B12 0,5 mg.; Niacin 500 mg.; Calcium D-pantothenate 375 mg.; Folic acid 75 mg.; L-Carnitine HCl 30.000 mg. Aminoacids: DL-Methionine 145.000 mg.; L-Lysine  215.000 mg. Oligoelements: Zinc sulfate 5.H2O 11.000 mg.; Copper sulfate 5.H2O 14.000 mg.; Sodium selenite 20 mg.

Analytical composition: Crude protein 46,5%; Oils and Fat 5 %; Humidity 7,5%; Crude Ash 29,5%; Magnesium 0,65%; Calcium 6%; total phosphorus 2,7%; Sodium 1,9%; Crude Fiber 5,5%.; L-Lysine 21,5%.; DL-Methionine 14,5%; Cooper 0,35%; Zinc 0,25%; Selenium 0,0009%.


    dosis Dosis

    Generally: 1-2 g/Kg feed or every 10 kg of b.w., for no less than 5 days.

    Under the advice of the nutrition specialist, the dose will be adjusted to the needs of each animal, taking into account its state of health and the nutritional deficiencies of the feed supplied.


    1 Kg and 100 g.

    Register number

    Manufacturer Authorization Nº: αESP25101154

    Veterinary prescription not required.