Doxycycline 250 mg/ml Lamons

Pharmacological product in oral solution, for administration in drinking water, containing Doxycycline Hyclate

propiedades Properties

Product category: Medicine containing Doxycycline Hichlate

Doxycycline is a bacteriostatic antibiotic from the group of tetracyclines (ATCvet code: QJO1AAO2) that prevents the synthesis of bacterial proteins. This antibacterial action is the result of binding to the 30 S subunit of ribosomes by chelating bonds with phosphate groups in messenger RNA. They thus prevent the binding of the transfer RNA on the messenger RNA.

• POULTRY (Chickens): Colibacillosis, CRD and Mycoplasmosis.
• PORCINE (Fattening pigs): Respiratory infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to doxycycline.


Doxycycline (Hychlate), 250 mg/ml.

  • Swine
  • Broilers

dosis Dosis

• POULTRY (Chickens): 0.04 - 0.08 ml / Kg of b.w./day, for 3-5 days.

• PORCINE (fattening pigs): 0.04 ml / Kg of b.w./day, for 5 days.


1L & 5L

Register number

Spain Register No.: 3828 ESP 

observaciones Observations

- Do not administer to animals hypersensitive to tetracyclines.
- Do not administer to animals with hepatic impairment.
- Do not administer during pregnancy and lactation.
- Do not administer to birds whose eggs are intended for human consumption.

Special precautions
- Medicated water will be the only source of drinking water.
- Avoid its administration in rusty drinking troughs.
- Do not administer together with preparations with alkalizing capacity or antacids, kaolin and preparations of iron, magnesium, calcium and aluminum.

It is not allowed to be used in laying birds whose eggs are intended for human consumption. Do not use in the 4 weeks before the start of laying or during laying.

Withdrawal Time
POULTRY (chickens): Meat: 5 days.
                                    Eggs: Do not use.
PORCINE (Fattening pigs): Meat: 6 days