Phytogenic product that improves immunity and resistance to coccidiosis.

propiedades Properties

Coccimix Lamons, contains a combination of plant-based ingredients that has been shown to help control coccidiosis.

Nature provides various plants that contain phytochemicals with antiprotozoal and anticoccidial activity. Its mechanisms of action are varied:

  • Some inhibit sporulation and dissemination of oocysts.
  • Others reinforce the intestinal barrier preventing cell invasion and slowing down their reproductive cycle.
  • Others stimulate the immune response against the harmful effects of protozoa, strengthening the animals and their response to disease.

Coccimix Lamons incorporates a combination of plants with these different mechanisms of action in the same product, thus covering the widest range of protection against coccidiosis.


Mixture of dry/aromatic plants of Artemisa cina, Urtica dioica, Glycirrhiza glabra root and support containing Saccharomices cerevisa yeast product

  • Swine
  • Quails, partridges, pheasants and others
  • Pigeons and other cage birds
  • Broilers
  • Turkeys
  • Ostriches
  • Calves
  • Ovine
  • Caprine
  • Equidae
  • Camels
  • Rabbits

dosis Dosis

USES: Recommended food supplement:

  • If you have been using the same anticoccidial medication for more than 4 months. The combination will reduce the risk of resistance and help maintain production performance.
  • During the withdrawal period of anticoccidial drugs to avoid relapse in high-risk flocks.
  • During the growth and/or fattening phase, to control the growth of coccidia and the risk of infection, reduce the use of acticoccidial drugs.

DOSE OF USE: Mix at a rate of 2 Kg/Tm of feed for 10-15 days. The dose can be increased to 4 Kg/Tm if necessary.

OBSERVATIONS: Side effects due to overdose have not been described. Doses of 4 Kg/Tm or administration for long periods can cause a greenish coloration of the feces that disappears when the dose is reduced.


1 Kg aluminum-polyethylene sachets.

Register number

Spainish authorised manufacturer No.: αESP25101154